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The City of Leicester College

The City of Leicester College

The City of Leicester Sixth Form exists to serve the young people in our community. We are here to provide them with the opportunities they need to make a positive difference to their lives and the lives of others.

We challenge them to be the best they can be and we support them along their journey. We want all our students to make good progress in all their courses. The college provides ambitious study programmes, which include both Level 2 and Level 3 pathways. Students at Level 3 can opt for a wide range of A Level and Vocational courses. Many students opt for a combination of A level and Vocational subjects. Level 2 students are offered English and Maths GCSE alongside an OCR Technical Diploma.

We are a popular Sixth Form that is able to provide a first-class education for all students.

  • We want students to be inspired by their studies.
  • We want students to embrace wider opportunities that draw out their talents and offer exciting pathways for the future.
  • We want students to lead the way for our whole school community.
  • We believe in all of our students and understand that by fostering the right mindset anything is possible.